Merchant can monitor transaction status as follows:

  1. Merchant dashboard / Transactions Panel with a list of transactions sorted by recent first, including 
    1. Key transaction details    
      1. Transaction type: Sale, Auth, Capture, Release, Void, Refund, Register
      2. Payment method: MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro, AMEX, JCB [this list is not exhaustive]
      3. Transaction status: Authorized, Hold, Pending, Voided, Error, Declined
    2. If detailed transaction inspection is required, the following are available 
  1. Transaction details like payment channel used (e.g. PT1 mobile SDK, Paylink), card details, issuer details, RRN and 
  2. Customer details 
  1. Merchant dashboard / Reports for a self-service merchant-configurable automated report which can be generated and delivered to the merchant dashboard or email. Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be set up, for example.
  2. If configured by the merchant, Instant Payment Notification (IPN) will instantly send a notification to the merchant’s specified IPN Listener URL for events (Sale, Auth, Capture, Void, Refund, Register).