We are required by the processing banks to provide customer details as part of anti-fraud screening measures. 
If the merchant already has the customer address, in this case, please include the address within the transaction request.

If the full details are provided, then the payment page will not prompt for them. If any part of the address is missing or invalid, then the payment page will display the billing details section to collect it. 

As these details are used as part of the bank's anti-fraud screening, As a merchant you must ensure that the genuine customer address is provided, and not just pre-set values as that could result in higher declines and transactions to fail due to anti-fraud screening.
Note: Refer to the ‘INCLUDING CUSTOMER DETAILS’ section of the Transaction API.
If you do not use a separate shipping address, then this section can be removed by including
“hide_shipping”: true within the request.

Postman collection, refer to URL