User/Receiver to 

  1. Check Spam/Junk email folder for sender [email protected]
  2. Mailer specific: If found in Spam/Junk email folder, mark email as Not Junk, Not Spam or Safe Sender
  3. Mailer specific: Add “[email protected]” in Safe Senders list and/or Verify “[email protected]”  is not in the Blocked Senders list

If enabled for your Admin account: Admin to check user’s status on the Admin dashboard

  1. Email, Last Login
  2. Please review Audit log and check for login and password reset entries
  3. And if needed, the Admin can Reset the password

If the issue persists, please write to [email protected]

Paytabs Technical support to:

  1. Validate if the email delivery service (e.g. Sendgrid) account is active
  2. Review service logs for the receiver’s email address and Bounce list
  3. If the sender is blocked, PayTabs Security Team to have the IP block removed.