Please note that PT 2.0 is a separate system from PT 1.0. So transactions that took place on PT 1.0, can only be refunded on PT 1.0

The reason behind this independence is that PT 2.0 is highly secured and PCI certified cloud-based platform that is built using a different technology from PT 1.0, which limits our ability to manually adjust balances between or transfer data into PT 2.0.

Therefore, as a temporary manual workaround, we recommend the following steps to make the process of running refunds as easy as possible until you fulfil your refund commitments for transactions executed on PT 1.0. For example, if you have a 30 days refund policy, then you will have to follow the manual steps in funding your PT 1.0 account only with the amounts that you require to refund.

Please follow the steps below, to initiate the refunds in PT1 dashboard:

  • Step 1: Consolidate the full amounts of refunds. 
  • Step 2: Transfer funds to Paytabs corporate account, covering the amount of transactions to be refunded. 
  • Step 3: Paytabs will credit the funds to your PT1 dashboard, then you may initiate refunds accordingly.
  • Step 4: After all refunds are processed, determined by your refund policy (refund days), conduct a final full withdrawal of the remaining amounts. 

Note: Transactions processed in PT2 can be refunded via PT2 dashboard. 

We really appreciate your support and patience during these times.

Stay safe,

Paytabs Team