Please find a link to details of these updates which will take effect from 1 February 2021:

How the new pricing methodology works

  • If a Start-Up Plan Merchant transacts for over USD2,000 in any month their status will be updated to Growth Plan Merchant, at the beginning of the following month
  • Growth Plan Merchants will not be downgraded to Start-Up Plan Merchant status if volumes fall below USD2,000 in future months
  • Growth Plan Merchants continue to pay transaction fees and no fixed fee
  • Because Growth Plan Merchants will no longer be reclassed as a Startup Plan Merchant, if a Growth Plan Merchant’s volumes drop below USD2,000 in any month we have introduced a minimum monthly transaction fee of USD49.99. 
  • If a Merchant's available balance on the Start-up or Growth Plan falls below USD100 at the beginning of the month (prior to the application of the fixed fee for Start-up Merchants) they will receive a notification that their account is at risk of suspension and funds need to be added to their account.
  • If a Merchant’s balance drops below USD50 their account will be suspended until additional funds are added to their account, increasing their balance to USD100 or more.

Startup Plans are made to help startups pay a lower fee until they pick up their volume. 

Our detailed pricing plan can be accessed here:

To learn more about the minimum balance requirements, please read Minimum Balance Requirements