Tran_class will be a mandatory field in the create pay-page request and can have the property ecom OR recurring

Paytabs introduce the Tokenization feature to save the token/card details with the initial payment.

ecom: initial request to create the payment page should be "Tran_class":"ecom" (to save the token, an optional parameter can be passed in the request "tokenise":"2", )

sample Request
"tokenise""2",                  (optional, if you want to save a token)

Tokenise:2 tells the system to save a token with this payment

recurring: To make a follow-up transaction(a recurring payment) using that saved token, you can depend on "Tran_class":"recurring",

sample Request

"token""xxxxxxxxxxxx"  (recieved in the response of initial payment)
"tran_id""xxxxxxx"         (recieved in the response of initial payment) 

Note: recurring feature should be enabled on your account before using it.
(Also known as tokenization feature).