URL and documentation: https://github.com/paytabscom/paytabs-android-library-sample/tree/PT2

Note: For Mobile SDK keys (Contact the support team asking to add Mobile SDK keys)


Library requires at minimum Java 7 or Android 5.1.

You have to include the following dependencies:

allprojects {
     repositories {...
     maven { url "http://pay.cards/maven" }
     maven {      url  "https://dl.bintray.com/paytabsandroidsdk/paytabs-sdk"}

implementation 'com.paytabs:payment-sdk:6.0.2-rc08'


To enable tokenization please follow the below instructions 

 // to request token and transaction reference pass tokeniseType and Format
// you will receive token and reference after the first transaction
// to pass the token and transaction reference returned from sdk 
.setTokenisationData(token = "", transactionReference = "")