Apple pay can be enabled for merchants in KSA in SAR currency.

ApplePay Activation Process (aggregation merchants):

  1. Request is received from the merchant 
  2. CS agent to confirm with the merchant that s/he agrees that PayTabs name appears instead of the store name when payment is made via Apple Pay using the below template 
  3. Once confirmation is received from the merchant, send the request to Activation team ([email protected]). Please make sure to mention merchant MID. 
  4. update the merchant. You may use below reply template. 

ApplePay Activation Process (PSP merchants/Apple pay MADA):

service needs to be enabled from the bank side. 

Send the request to PSP team to communicate with the bank. Make sure to include merchant acquirer MID

Confirmation Template

For Apple Pay, we can enable it from our side but please be noted that the SMS notifications and the bank statement for your customers who pay through Apple Pay will be under PayTabs name instead of your respected store name. Please confirm if this option suits you so we can proceed to enable Apple Pay. 

Reply template

Kindly be noted that (Apple Pay\ STCPAY \ AMEX)  has been enabled into your account, Please check with your development team if it doesn't appear on your website if you need any technical assistance, please feel free to let us know as our technical team would help you better.  

Check Article for possible error merchants might face when using Apple Pay