1.Services not Provided or Merchandise Not Received:

Definition:  The  card   issuing  bank  received   a  claim  from   a  cardholder  that   merchandise  or services  ordered   were  not  received   or  that  the   cardholder  cancelled  the   order  as a result  of not receiving the merchandise or services by the expected delivery date.

2.Not as Described or Defective Merchandise:

Definition: The card issuing bank received a notice from the cardholder, stating that the goods or services were: ·Not  the   same  as  shown   and  described  on   the  screen  for   Internet  transactions,  or  as described on  the  sales receipt or other documentation  presented to the  cardholder at the time of the transaction. ·Not the same as the merchant’s verbal description for a telephone transaction· Shipped to the cardholder and received, but was damaged or defective

3.Cardholder Does Not Recognize Transaction:

Definition: The  card  issuing   bank  received  a complaint from  a   cardholder  stating  that   the transaction appearing on the billing statement is not recognized.

4.Fraudulent Transaction—Not Authorized by Cardholder:

Definition: A written complaint from a cardholder in regard to a card-not-present transaction, claiming that he or she did not authorize or participate in the transaction such as:·A   card-not-present   transaction    charged   to   a    fictitious   account   number    for   which authorization approval was not obtained

5.Refund or Credit Not Processed :

Definition: The   card    issuing   bank   received a notice from a cardholder   acknowledging participation in a transaction for which goods were returned or services cancelled, but: ·The cardholder has not received a written refund acknowledgement or credit voucher from the merchant· The credit has not appeared on the cardholder’s Visa statement