• Once chargeback has been received, PayTabs will send a notification to the merchant requesting to provide the required  documents within  the   next 3  days, to  reverse   the chargeback


  • In  case   of  non-fulfillment  of   required documents  or  if   documents  received  after   due  date (within  3   days), the  merchant’s  balance   will  be  debited equivalent  to  the amount  of  the disputed transaction


  • A  fee   of  USD  25.00   will  be  applicable   for  every  chargeback   raised  by  Issuer   bank.  PayTabs shall debit this fee from the merchant’s account Once the chargeback is received for a particular transaction, the corresponding chargeback amount shall  be   held back immediately  to a Chargeback Reserve  Balance  for   30  days. The merchant  will   need  to  send   the  required  documents   (refer  to section 3)  via   email to [email protected]   If  the  case   is  resolved,  then   the Chargeback  Reserve  Balance amount will be returned to the merchant’s available balance. If the case is unresolved (non- resolution of chargeback) or the merchant has failed to submit the required documents, a second  chargeback  may   be  raised  against   the  merchant  or   it  may  result   in  a  debit   to  the merchant’s available balance, equivalent to the transaction amount


  • If the merchant is not able to submit sufficient documents as per our documentation policy (refers  to section   3)  to  reverse the chargebacks for  Two successive  requests,   PayTabs would immediately suspend the merchant’s account and hold all the funds for 120 days


  • Merchants  that reach   1%  chargeback  ratio*   or  Four  chargebacks   in  a  month   (whichever comes first) are liable for suspension* Chargeback ratio is the total value of chargeback to the total value of sale in the past 60 days


  • Submitting  only   an  Authorization  Email   as  a  proof   of  purchase  is   strictly  not  allowed   and shall be deemed as non-compliance with the Chargeback policy


  • Based on your nature  of business, any failure  to   provide  the required documents (refer to section 3) shall  result in one or more of the following repercussions :

           ·Penalty for Chargeback and Financial Loss

          ·Account Suspension

          ·Increase of Holding Period

          ·Increase of Commission Rate

          ·Any other action PayTabs or the Acquiring Bank may deem fit