• Tokenization:
    Tokenization means that you ask the customer for his/her payment details once, and you save the Token, after that you make direct payments on the customer behalf without asking him/her for any data like CVV.
    Customer A make order 1001, he pays successfully, you receive a token T, Order 1002 takes place, you use the token T to make the payment, Customer A has nothing to do.

    The full payment flow:
    1. Create a normal payment page:
    "profile_id": 47690, "tran_type": "auth", "tran_class": "ecom", "tokenise": "2", "cart_id": "cart_444441", "cart_currency": "AED", "cart_amount": 120.3, "cart_description": "Payment with tok enabled, save card enabled", "show_save_card": false, "customer_details": {
    "name": "first last", "email": "[email protected]", "phone": "0522222222", "street1": "address street", "city": "dubai", "state": "du", "country": "AE", "zip": "12345", "ip": "" },
    "shipping_details": {
    "name": "name1 last1", "email": "[email protected]", "phone": "971555555555", "street1": "street2", "city": "dubai", "state": "dubai", "country": "AE", "zip": "54321", "ip": ""
    }, "callback": "http://your_domain/callback", "return": "https://your_domain/return"

    2. Save the "token" & "tran_ref" received in the (callback or return) successful responses.
    3. Start using the Token payment without asking the customers to enter their details again:
    "profile_id": 47690, "tran_type": "sale", "tran_class": "recurring", "cart_id": "cart_55555", "cart_currency": "AED", "cart_amount": 42, "cart_description": "Description of the items/services", "token": "2C4650BC67A3E53CC6B791FF618275B9", "tran_ref": "TST2029900000000"

    4. Result of the tokenized payment received directly as a response to the request, Also it will be delivered to any configured IPN URL