Context: A numbers of risk factors have been flagged and the processing bank has declined a transaction. Hold-on-reject enables support for merchant-initiated manual capture of transactions rejected by anti-fraud system(s).

Hold-on-reject is now an available field for Cybersource terminals. Default is off. This means auto-void (authorization reversal) is automatically requested after DM decline.


Example of automatic void call after DM decline.


If Hold-on-reject is enabled, merchant is accepting full liability for capturing a transaction that has been flagged by anti-fraud systems.


Hold processing via merchant dashboard
If Hold-on-reject is enabled, merchant can manually process on-hold transaction on the merchant dashboard. Merchant can capture in part or full the transaction amount held.  Liability warning is also displayed.



How to enable hold-on-reject? Merchant o Submit request to [email protected]
CS to submit request to Risk / Transaction team