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What's KNet?

Knet is an APM that allows customer uses their Knet cards (debit & credit).

Supported Regions

 Kuwait, KSA,  & UAE

How to activate Knet?

By default, Knet is enabled for Merchants in Kuwait.

For other regions, to activate Knet, please send an email to customer care team ( [email protected] ) along with your MID and the registered country of your account. 

Knet Workflow

The payment process is hosted by the KNET Payment, which means that the payment will be managed and processed on Knet side

 When customers proceed to checkout, they get redirected to the Knet payment page to enter card details and complete the payment.

Card details are not entered or stored on PayTabs server

Transactions done through KNet, will show in the payment method in the transaction detail window

What are the payment features that Knet supports?

Through Knet cards, you can easily perform "Sale" and "Refund" transactions, but NO Auth/Cap or Recurring transactions are allowed using Kent.

The settlement Flow

The default settlement of the closing balance is automatically executed weekly on Monday if the available balance is 300$ or more.  

However, payout schedule can be changed from merchant dashboard, please check "How to change payout schedule"

The Refund Process

KNet transactions can be refunded directly from PayTabs dashboard by clicking on the transaction ID, and then click on the refund button as shown below