To activate MADA through Riyad Bank, Please follow the below steps: 

1- It is required to open a bank account in Riyad Bank in the name of the company or institution that matches the CR in our system

2-The merchant will be provided with the agreement form

** sign the agreement in the attachment, and when it is signed, it must be handed over to the bank

1- E-Commerce Solutions Service Agreement

2- Mada agreement

Note for Aggregation Merchant : In e-commerce agreement under CreditCards pricing, please write Not Applicable as shown in the below image: 



3- Submit an application to PSP and provide you with the following: CR, filled and signed agreements, ID of owner

It requires following in each area

 NOTE : Share Mr. Saleh's address with Central merchants only

Mr. Saleh Aldowiyan from Riyadh Bank  
Contact details:
Name: Saleh Aldowiyan
Phone number: +966555992267


In the latest update from PSP: 

Please do not share the following links with the merchant

- English URL
- Arabic URL

Instructions have been received from PSP [email protected]

(Daad Albosaili)

[email protected]

If merchant requests Applepay (MADA), send a request to PSP team to check if the service is enabled form the bank side. If yes, notify config team to enable the service in merchant dashboard.