To activate MADA through Al-Rajhi Bank, Please follow the below steps: 

Provide the merchant the below instructions and the attached files:


1)To apply for MADA, you need to sign an agreement with Alrajhi bank .
  • Please fill in the attached application related to Al-Rajhi bank, then submit it to us
  • The application will be sent to Al-Rajhi team to communicate with you and provide you with MADA agreement by Al-Rajhi . 
  • Once the agreement is reviewed and approved, they will issue MADA ID for you and send it to us to enable the service in your PayTabs account.

    Also, attached Mada branding logo to be updated in your website. 

2)Once merchant provides the filled documents, send a request to PSP team ([email protected]) along with merchant ID. 

3) PSP team will communicate with the bank to start the process with the merchant

4) the bank will send MADA ID to PSP team to enable MADA in Paytabs dashboard.

If merchant requests Applepay (MADA), send a request to PSP team to check if the service is enabled form the bank side. If yes, notify config team to enable the service in merchant dashboard.