mada is a secure payment option for cardholders in Saudi Arabia with a range of features and benefits to meet their needs. 

In this article, you will be going to know about:

You can find the attached Mada branding logo, to be updated in your website.


Paytabs as platform provider enable this payment options to their live merchant account as additional payment method.  

Supported Regions

All regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia mada can be activated for merchants with Saudi business licenses 

Paytabs live account merchant can be activated after completion of the application requirements submitted by the merchant directly to Gulf International Bank.  Subject for review and bank's approval with KSA Sales Team support. 
Merchant with FREELANCER certificate can avail Mada facility upon submission of application to Riyadh bank and subject for review and approval. 

Mada supports SAR transaction currency only;  if cardholder having a USD card transaction applies FX converting to local currency. 

How to activate MADA with Gulf International Bank (GIB)?

To activate MADA through Gulf International Bank, Please follow the below steps: 

  1. Please fill out the form as below: 





Merchant trading|legal name:


Bank name:


Bank account NO:




Commercial registration NO:




Contact name:


Phone NO:





2. Submit the below applications along with the below requirements to the customer care team ([email protected]):

  1. Filled and signed agreements
  2. Business License
  3. Owner ID


What is MADA Payment Workflow?

Mada payment is hosted by PayTabs, which means that it will be managed and processed on our side. You can have the same page embedded in your checkout page by following our How to not redirect my customers to an external payment page? (iFrame/Embedded Mode) solution article.

Using the MADA payment method, when the cardholder proceeds to checkout on the merchant website, they will be redirected to the PayTabs hosted payment page to provide their MADA card details to complete the payment as shown below:

It is required to open a bank account in Gulf International Bank  for the company or institution that is registered in PayTabs system. 

Transactions done using MADA cards will show in the payment method in the transaction detail window.

What are the payment features that MADA supports?

Through Mada cards, you can easily perform "Sale" and "Refund" transactions, but NO Auth/Cap or Recurring transactions are allowed using MADA.

Check "What is the transaction type" article for further details about PayTabs supported transaction types.

The Settlement Flow

Mada payments are directly settled in your bank account immediately as long as the payment has passed successfully.  

The Refund Process Flow

MADA transactions can be refunded directly from the PayTabs dashboard by clicking on the transaction refernces, and then clicking on the refund button as shown below

MADA supports full and partial refund

  • Navigate to your "Transactions" menu from your dashboard as shown below:


  • Then, click on the chosen "Sale" transaction that you want to capture, as shown below:

  • After that, click on the green "Refund" button at the bottom of the transaction view page as shown below:

  •  This will redirect you to the refund form; then, you will have to provide the entire transaction amount in the "Amount" field and then click on the "Submit" button.