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PayTabs Features and Enhancements July's Release (2023)

Dear Valued Merchant,


We are excited to share with you some exciting enhancements to our payment gateway platform features and enhancements on the past month:


Merchant Dashboard Enhancements


  1. Export Invoices Easily: Easily export more than 8,000 entries at a time. Try it by navigating to your PayTabs Dashboard -> Invoices -> Search -> Export or you can check our detailed (How to Export Reports : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article.

  2. Exact Time Zone: Now, any displayed date/time on the payment page will be set to be within the exact time zone of your profile. Please contact your RM or [email protected] to request to change your profile time zone.

  3. More clarity for Online Shoppers: Display your business terms and condition link within your invoices. Provide your RM with your site terms and conditions to have it displayed within invoices to your customers.


API Enhancements

  1. Display payments with alternative currencies: Along with the actual/settlement currency of your payment, PayTabs now provides you with a parameter to empower you to display the equivalent payment amount in another currency. To learn more, please check our (Request Parameters | Alternative Currency (alt_currency) : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article.

  1. Language Selection: Customize the display language of your invoices by selecting the preferred language within your request payload. Choose between Arabic and English. Learn more: Request Parameters | invoice (invoice) : PayTabs Support Portal 


Payout Enhancements

  1. Profile information: If you are a multi-profile merchant, your payout statement will include the profile information to make it easier for you. To know more about this please check out our (How to Export Payout Report : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article.


To learn more about these features, do visit our Support Portal. If you have any questions or feedback, please post them on our Community or reach out to us at [email protected].


Thank you for choosing PayTabs as your trusted payment gateway and we look forward to being of continued service.


Be well.

PayTabs Team

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