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How will the customer pay using the STCpay payment method

  1. The client must have an account in STCpay
  2. The client must have enough balance in the STCpay wallet to perform the transaction successfully. 
  3. The client will enter the mobile number linked with the STCpay wallet in the payment field and submit it. 
  4. Once the payment is submitted through PayTabs, the client will get a popup confirmation on the STCpay app

The attached video shows the payment steps using STCpay

How will the customer add credit to his STCpay wallet?

The customer can add credit to the wallet using the below methods:

  1. Sadad account 
  2. Sadad bill 
  3. Credit card (Visa, Master card, AMAX)
  4. Debit card (Mada)
  5. Phone bill (for STC number only) 
  6. Prepaid card (for STC number only)