What is CS-Cart? 

CS-Cart is a powerful and flexible eCommerce shopping cart application. CS-Cart includes all the functionality you need to build a full-featured online store, including multi-store support that can be set up and maintained in a single administration panel. 

How to integrate your CS-Cart platform with your PayTabs account? 

By following the below steps, you will integrate your system in no time, without even having a technical background.

Installing the Plugin

  1. Log in to your merchant dashboard. 
  2. Navigate to the Developers menu.
  3. Go to CS-Cart under the “PRE-BUILT INTEGRATIONS” section. 
  4. Click on the link “click here” as shown in the picture below. 

  5. Then use the following method to install the plugin:


  1. Upload your downloaded plugin from step 4 to the "root/" directory within your Cs-Cart installation directory.

  2. Extract the plugin file.

  3. Navigate to your server database management tool admin panel (such as PhpMyAdmin), then copy and run the following code

    REPLACE INTO cscart_payment_processors 
    (processor_id, processor, processor_script, processor_template, admin_template, callback, type) values
    ('1100', 'PayTabs', 'paytabs.php', 'views/orders/components/payments/cc_outside.tpl', 'paytabs.tpl', 'N', 'P');

Activating the Plugin

  1. Navigate to your CS-Cart admin panel > Administration > Payment methods 
  2. Then click on the add payment method button    
  3. Then on the processor parameter under the "General" tab, select the "Paytabs" one from the list
  4. Then click on the create button

Configure the Plugin

  1. From your Cs-Cart admin panel go to Administrations > Payment methods
  2. Select Paytabs payment method from the listed available Cs-Cart payment methods.

  3. Click the edit button to configure the plugin.  
  4. Choose your Paytabs endpoint region (the region your Paytabs account registered at)

  5. Enter your "Profile ID" and "Server Key" in the account information section on your configuration page. For more information about how to get your integration keys from your dashboard, please click here.

  6. Click on the Save button to save your configurations

And here you are done installing PayTabs latest Cs-Cart plugin, and you can run on the ground with your business. 

How to upgrade the PayTabs plugin in Cs-Cart to the latest version?

  1. Go to your Cs-Cart admin panel and deactivate the old payment plugin, you already using for now then delete it. (From Administrations > Payment methods Click on Delete for “PayTabs). 
  2. Then delete your uploaded files on your Cs-Cart root directory.
  3. Repeat the above steps on the "How to integrate your Cs-Cart platform with your PayTabs account?" section.

Clear cache from var\cache\templates\backend before reinstalling the plugin. This is a MUST do step.

How to know that you are using an old Cs-Cart plugin (PT1)? 

After logging in to your Cs-Cart account, navigate to Administrations > Payment methods Click on Edit for “PayTabs. Usually, you will see Merchant email and secret key instead of profile id and server key, which was the old way of authenticating, and it’s deprecated and no longer used anymore.

What are Paytabs plugin configuration options? 

Order Status After Payment Option 

This option controls what will be the order status on your system after it has been completed (authenticated/successful payment)


Be very careful when you change the Default option. Once you change it, you change the normal flow of the Order into the Cs-Cart system, you may encounter some consequences based on the new value you set 

How to find log messages to troubleshoot any issues? 

In some cases, when you contact our technical support team for assistance, they require the log messages to assist you accordingly (or even you may want to troubleshoot the plugin behavior yourself), you will be able to find those messages at:

PayTabs custom log 

It will be named as debug_paytabs.log file and will be found at “/var/debug_paytabs.log”