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What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung pay is a digital wallet which allows the clients to use their smartphone for online payments.

Supported Regions

SamsungPay can be enabled for live merchants in UAE

Please note that Samsung pay needs to be enabled first by the acquirer bank in order to enable the service in PayTabs account. 
Samsung Pay supported acquirers:  ADCB PSP

How to activate SamsungPay?

To activate SamsungPay,  please send an email to customer care team ( [email protected] ) to request the bank to enable the service from their end. 

Once the service is enabled, please follow Integration details here  or check the attached file. 

SamsungPay Payment Workflow

Using SamsungPay method, when the customer proceeds to checkout page and choose SamsungPay as a payment method, SamsungPay wallet will show as a popup window to choose the card inside the wallet and complete the payment. 

SamsungPay payment method can be shown only through our mobile SDKs, check Article for more details