To integrate your system with Samsung Pay for SDK usage purposes, the following steps comprise the general process for integrating the Samsung Pay SDK with your application:

  1. Navigate in your PayTabs Merchant Dashboard > Developers > Certificate Management > Wallet Certificates > Pending Samsung Pay requests > Add Certificate Request

  2. Download the CSR file

  3. Log in to Samsung pay developer portal > My Projects > Service Management > Create New Service

  4. Select PayTabs PG as the payment gateway, upload the CSR and complete all the required details of the service

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions for adding your app and creating a new service to generate the SERVICE ID you’ll need to reference in your project code, along with a debug-api-key.

    The Service ID replaces Product ID as of SDK v1.4.

  6. Copy the service ID from Samsung pay and return back to PayTabs dasboard

  7. In PayTabs dashboard > Developers > Certificate Management > Wallet Certificates > Pending Samsung pay requests > Pending Certificate request > add your service ID and click save to complete the request.

  8. Now, you will be able to see your active certificate details

  9. Download the Samsung Pay SDK. we are using one in our sample here.

  10. Add the Samsung Pay SDK (samsungpay.jar) to your Android project using Android Studio.

  11. Develop your partner app with the required API calls and callbacks for Samsung Pay integration.

You can find an sampple code in the SamsungPay module.

For more Information, you may check at their Samsung Pay Guide