To integrate your system with Samsung Pay for SDK usage purposes, the steps mentioned in this article comprise the general process for integrating the Samsung Pay SDK with your application:

Kindly note thatPayTabs system supports SamsungPay via SDK only upon publishing this article 2023-08-08.This article will document how you should configure and activate SamsungPay.

In this article we are going to walk you through the following:

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service. It lets users make payments using compatible smartphones and other Samsung-produced devices, accessed using the Samsung Wallet app.


  • SamsungPay Developer account can be registered from here 
  • SamsungPay Active Wallet for testing, with active email on SamsungPay.
  • Test or live profile on the PayTabs platform.

To learn more about Samsung Pay workflow and prerequisites, you can check our Samsung Pay Activiation solution article.

How to Integrate With Samsung Pay?

You can Integrate your Application with Samsung Pay by following the steps mentioned below:

  • You will need to login to your merchant account in the PayTabs system, Depending on the country you can find the login link for your merchant account.

  • Navigate to the Developers section from the menu on the left side.

  • From the Certificate Management section, click on Wallet Certificate

  • From Pending SamsungPay requests, click the + sign to generate a new CSR

  • And from the popup message click OK, then the CSR should be generated, and you will need to download it for the next step.

  • Now, go to the SamsungPay developer portal, and choose Service Management under the My Projects menu


  • Click the "CREATE NEW SERVICE" button


  • You will be able to choose the service environment type, either testing or live, for now, we will go with the testing type for the integration testing, but it should be the same for release/live as well.

  • Choose InApp Online Payment Service (Direct, inDirect) option

  • Fill up the information of your application, and you should be able to upload the CSR which you have downloaded from your PayTabs merchant portal above, and also choose the PayTabs PG for the Payment Gateway field.

  • In this next step, if your application was added before, you can just select it, or choose I will upload a new app information, and fill in the required fields.


  • Once the app is added, you can generate a debug API Key, this Key will be valid for 90 days as per the SamsungPay portal, and you can renew it any time later by editing this service.

  • The debug key will hold the authorized SamsungPay accounts in order to test the application, for the release/live application this step will not be required.


  • You will need two pieces of information after you successfully create your application, one is the debug API Key to be added to your application as this hint shows.

  • And the next one is the service ID, which you will need to add it to your Application, and also activate the CSR at the PayTabs side as follows.

  • Once activated, you can follow the SDK integration Guide to start testing SamsungPay with your profile with PayTabs.

  • Download the Samsung Pay SDK. we are using one in our sample here.

  • Add the Samsung Pay SDK (samsungpay.jar) to your Android project using Android Studio.

  • Develop your partner app with the required API calls and callbacks for Samsung Pay integration.

You can find a sample code in the SamsungPay module.

For more Information, you may check at their Samsung Pay Guide