PayTabs provides you with a collection of API endpoints which used to process all payments, regardless of if they are through either your own payment pages, the managed payment pages, or if you are using the hosted payment pages. 

This article is dedicated to walking you through how to handle the payment response sent from PayTabs after the payment. Handling the response right will empower you to make sure to handle the user experience according to the payment status, as well as and updating the order status in your database.

PayTabs adopts four types of integration. Each is meant to serve a specific need. These integration types are the Hosted Payment Page, the Managed Form, the Own-Form, and finally, the invoices. Therefore, you will find below the links to the solution article  for this step in each one of these integration types:

  1. Step 6 - Hosted Payment Page APIs
  2. Step 6 - Managed Form APIs
  3. Step 6 - Own Form APIs
  4. Step 6 - Invoices APIs

⌂ To get familiar with the whole process and the other steps, kindly navigate to our "The PT2 API Endpoints Integration Manual" solution article. 

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