PayTabs SDK makes the integration with the PayTabs payment gateway very easy by providing a ready-made payment screen that handles the card entry, and billing & shipping information and completes the missing details.

In our SDKs, we don't support handling and managing any existing transactions such as query transactions, refund one, capture one, and so. Till we support such features you will have to either handle them from your PayTabs dashboard such as "Refund", or "Capture". Or you can use our PT2 API Endpoints direct within your code to perform any other desired transaction types. 

To know more about all the supported transaction types in PayTabs please check our What is the "tran_type" (transaction type)? solution article.

⌂ To get familiar with the whole process and the other steps, kindly navigate to our "The Xamarin (Bridge) SDK Integration Manual" solution article. 

 And to navigate to the previous step in the integration process " Step 6 - Handle the post-payment responses (notifications)" kindly click here.