IF you are a current merchant who signed a PayTabs merchant aggreement before 22nd Feb 2023, you can either choose to stay on your current plan or you can upgrade to the new pricing plan.

You can find our new pricing plan here. , and further explanation here

IF you choose to upgrade to our new pricing plan, kindly send an email to our team: [email protected]

Please make sure to include in your email:

Title of email: 

Upgrading my account pricin plan, MID

Body of email:


Profile ID

Store name

Country of operation

Please note that changing the pricing plan is subject to management approval which might take couple of working days, once approved it will be automatically adjusted for next month's billing cycle.

* Please note that these changes are not applicable to Egypt merchants, for Egypt pricing Please get in touch with our Egypt team: [email protected]

FAQs . 

- What is the difference between the old pricing plan and the current pricing plan ?

Our current standard pricing is the same as our original pricing plan, however we added the flexi plan for volumes between AED20,000 / SAR20,000 to AED50,000 / SAR50,000 a month.

When signing up, you can choose the plan based on your expected volume and sign the corresponding agreement, the account will be evaluated every 3 months and the agreement will be changed to the standard plan automatically if the volume is always below the required volume for the plan you choose.


- How to choose the best plan for my business ?

Based on your expected monthly volumes. If you are just starting your business you can choose the standard plan to start with, paying a set fee every month can give you ease of mind and easy on your finances, you can always upgrade the plan to the next plan if you maintain a volume of the next plan up for 6+ months.

- How often is the account evaluated ?

The account will be evaluated every 3 months to ensure the merchant is achieving the volumes set for each pricing plan. 

- What is the difference between flexi and advanced plans?

For the advanced plan merchants will have to pay a monthly fee of 50 usd if their volumes are not exceeding 20k AED/SAR – if they exceed 20k they will pay a tnx fee of 2.85% + 1 AED/SAR

The difference between Flexi and Advanced, with Flexi we’re given merchants who have relatively high volumes the exemption of not paying a setup & monthly fee – however with advanced we’ll be rewarding our loyal merchants whose volumes do not exceed 20k to only pay a monthly fee of 50 USD only.