ReelsPay is a unique way to increase your social media sales via your Paymes Social Commerce account by making it easy to find all products, offer different pieces for sale on a single page and to forward the purchasing stage/step with a single link, make the purchase easier.

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How to use ReelsPay?

1.Sign up or Login to your  Paymes account .

2.Go to the dashboard, click on "ReelsPay" and add the link of reels you posted on Instagram.

3.List the products in your Reels > Add Items to your reel and then fill in the product details.

You can add multiple items on the same Reel . 

4.After the products are available for sale, share the link with your followers! Add it to your profile if you wish, to your story, or send a message!

5-All your previously created reels can be found via the ReelsPay tab, feel free to share the link or edit them anytime.

Video tutorial 

For more clarification , kindly check the attached video which will guide you to know how to use ReelsPay .