An invoice is a document you send to your client after purchasing goods or services from you, recording the sale, and requesting payment from them. You can catch everything you need about PayTabs invoices in our what PayTabs Invoices is? solutions article.

In this article, we will walk you through the way to send PayTabs invoices to your customers via Email while initiating the invoice request. Here you will be using the "notification" object clarified in our Request Parameters | invoice (invoice) solution article to provide the customers' emails to whom you want to send this invoice once it is created.

In this article, you will be going to know about:

The Minimum Required Parameters

Here, you will be using the normal invoice request as clarified in our initiating/Creating the Invoice Payment Request solution article, and along with it you will be adding the "notification" object and providing the emails to the customers that you want the invoice to be sent to them once it is created.

To initiate a payment request using this integration type, there are minimum required parameters that need to be passed with valid information. The specification of these required parameters is clarified below:


Data Type







Accept only emails and phone numbers arrays.

This parameter indicates the notification options through our APIs. Using this, you will be able to send the created invoice to an array of emails or phone numbers via SMS





This parameter indicates an array of phone numbers that the created invoice will be sent to it via SMS.

Sample Request Payload

The below sample request payload will show you how you can pass the above-mentioned parameters, which need to be passed with valid values to perform a request.

    "profile_id": {{profile_id}},
    "tran_type": "sale",
    "tran_class": "ecom",
    "tokenise": 2,
    "cart_currency": {{Cart_currency}},
    "cart_amount": "9.5",
    "cart_id": "cart_12345_2",
    "cart_description": "Test Description",
    "hide_shipping": true,
    "invoice": {
        "shipping_charges": 0,
        "extra_charges": 0,
        "extra_discount": 0,
        "total": 0,
        "expiry_date": "2023-10-27T13:33:00+04:00",
        "due_date": "2023-10-26T12:36:00+04:00",
                      "emails":["[email protected]","'[email protected]"]

        "line_items": [
                "sku": "sku",
                "description": "desc",
                "url": "",
                "unit_cost": 9.5,
                "quantity": 1,
                "net_total": 9.5,
                "discount_rate": 0,
                "discount_amount": 0,
                "tax_rate": 0,
                "tax_total": 0,
                "total": 9.5

Sample Response Payload

    "bulk_email": [
            "address": "[email protected]"
            "address": "[email protected]"
    "invoice_id": 2775626,
    "invoice_link": ""

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