What are paymes Events?

Paymes Events is a newly added feature in Paymes that the merchant can benefit from by adding another product segment related to event organization whether they are online or offline events and can be able to manage the duration and events times and the users can be able to see this event on the merchant shop or even by sending the event link.

In this article, you will learn about:

  • Event Creation and Customization
  • Time and Schedule Management
  • Participant Limits and Interactivity
  • Seamless Purchasing Experience
  • Benefits for Merchants
  • Manage Event participants
  • Paymes event Feature Enabling
  • Conclusion

Event Creation and Customization

One of the key elements of this feature is the merchant's ability to create and customize events within their Paymes dashboard. Whether they are offering a series of online courses, one-time workshops, or live teaching sessions, merchants can provide detailed information about the event, including its title, description, duration, and objectives. This customization allows merchants to tailor their offerings to their target audience, ensuring that they can meet specific educational or experiential needs.

Time and Schedule Management:

A fundamental aspect of event-based in Paymes is the ability to set specific times and schedules for each event. Merchants can define the start and end times, select the date(s), and even create recurring events if needed. This scheduling feature ensures that customers can plan their participation accordingly, helping to attract a wider range of users from different time zones and schedules. Additionally, users appreciate the convenience of knowing exactly when an event will take place, making it easier for them to commit to participation.

Participant Limits and Interactivity.

Participant Limits and Interactivity

To maintain the quality and interactivity of the event, merchants can set participant limits for each session using the quota option. This feature is particularly valuable for online courses and workshops, as it allows instructors to provide personalized attention and foster a sense of community among participants.

Seamless Purchasing Experience:

From the user's perspective, the ability to purchase event-based products is straightforward and integrated seamlessly into Paymes Shop. Users can browse through the events, view event details, check available time slots, and make their selections. The purchase process includes secure payment options and confirmation, ensuring that participants can access the event with ease.

Benefits for Merchants:

Paymes Events feature offers numerous benefits for merchants. Firstly, it diversifies their product offerings beyond physical goods, opening up new revenue streams. Secondly, it provides a platform for showcasing their expertise, whether it's through teaching, coaching, or hosting specialized events. Additionally, it fosters customer engagement and loyalty, as participants often return for more events and may become advocates for the merchant's brand. Finally, the data collected from event participation can be used for personalized marketing and product development.

Manage Event participants:

The merchants can be able to view and check the participants from the event setting to check on all the attendees in case there is some missing info and even can be able to download and export the participants list.

Paymes event Feature Enabling:

For paymes event enabling the merchant must subscribe to enable having event-based type products there are 2 subscription plans monthly or yearly.


This dynamic Feature in paymes allows merchants to offer personalized, time-sensitive experiences while enabling users to access high-quality educational content and interactive sessions. As this feature continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative opportunities for merchants to connect with their clients.