What is TAPn’GO?

At TAPn'GO, we believe that settling bills should be a hassle-free experience for everyone. That's why we've developed an innovative payment solution that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology to make the entire process effortless, secure, and swift. Our system empowers customers to manage their bills online, split payments, and settle their accounts with ease, all while enjoying the added convenience of exploring the restaurant's social media links, sharing reviews, or receiving bills via email. With TAPn'GO, we're making it easier than ever to enjoy a seamless dining experience.

What makes TAPn'GO essential for your business?

We can do better than the slow and inefficient payment methods that currently exist. The conventional bill settlement process can take up to 15 minutes and often leaves customers dissatisfied. Not to mention, the added burden of costly and unreliable card payment hardware expenses. Let's strive for a better system that is both faster and more sustainable, reducing paper waste and saving valuable time for everyone involved.

Introducing TAPn'GO - the ultimate solution to simplify the bill payment process. With its four-step mantra: 

  1. Tap
  2. View Bill
  3. Pay Bill
  4. N’Go.

TAPn'GO empowers you to settle your bills effortlessly. The smart checkout allows you to view your bills instantly, select from various payment methods, split bills, leave tips, and pay with any card stored on your device. Experience the simplicity of TAPn'GO and streamline your bill payments today!

Unlock the power of efficiency with TAPn'GO. Revolutionize your operations and experience remarkable 7 to 10-minute faster turnover, unleashing increased revenue potential and substantial savings for your establishment.

 Allow TAPn'GO to reveal the potential for up to 40% higher tips, cultivating a more rewarding experience for both patrons and dedicated restaurant staff alike.

Moreover, TAPn'GO not only streamlines your establishment's operations but also empowers you to listen to your customers' valuable feedback in real-time. This real-time insight can help you enhance customer satisfaction and refine your services to better meet their needs. It's a powerful tool that can take your business to new heights!

TAPn’GO Features vs. Setup Modes

With TAPn'GO, you can seamlessly integrate your payment process with your existing Point of Sale (POS) system. Say goodbye to cumbersome app downloads and additional hardware purchases. Elevate your payment process and optimize operational efficiency with ease, all while amplifying customer satisfaction.

Product Features




with [POS + Digital Menu]


TAPn’GO without

[POS + Digital Menu]

Use TAPn’GO with [Digital menu]


TAPn’GO with POS but without 

Digital menu

Digitalize customer experience

Ease of viewing the menu

PDF only

PDF only

Choosing items


Ordering items


Pushing the order to the POS


Fetching the bill


Closing the bill in the POS



Ease of reconciliation


Managing Menu’s



Managing Menu pricing




Upselling items to the cart




View bill

Pay Full Bill

Split Bill

Pay Tip

Pay using Credit Card

Pay using Apple Pay

Pay using Google Pay

Email Receipts

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