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PayTabs Features and Enhancements August's Release (2023)

Dear Valued Merchant,

We are excited to share recent feature updates and enhancements to our payment gateway platform to benefit your business:

Merchant Dashboard Enhancements

  1. Easier Documentation Access: Now we’ve made it even easier for you or your team to access our "Developers Panel" documentation.
    As clarified in our (Developers Panel | KNOWLEDGE BASE : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article, for each section of the Developers Panel in your PayTabs merchant dashboard, you will find the corresponding title on the knowledge base section, that will redirect you to the related pages.

  2. More validations on Invoices: To ensure your customer information is even more accurate, an additional validation rule will now confirm that your customers are filling the required data. To know more about invoices and how to manage them through your PayTabs dashboard, you can check our (How to manage Invoices on PayTabs Dashboard? : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article.

 Plugins Enhancements

  1. Refunds on OpenCart: You can refund your payments now done on your OpenCart platform via our official plugin from your OpenCart's order page. Please follow the steps clarified in our ( Step 7 - OpenCart Plugin | Refund the Order Amount : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article to effect same.


APMs (Alternative Payment Methods) Related Enhancements

  1. Sadad Reference Page: New instructions have been added on the payment page to assist your customers to pay with Sadad easily. To know more about the Sadad payment method please check our ( SADAD Activation and Workflow/User Experience : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article.

  2. New Test Cards for UnionPay: You can now have new test cards to test UnionPay freely in your test profiles. For more information, please check our ( UnionPay Activation and Workflow/User Experience : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article.

  3. ApplePay in your Test Profiles: Now, you can test ApplePay freely on your test profiles by following the steps clarified in our (How to integrate Apple Pay In Test Profile? : PayTabs Support Portal) solution article. This will make it easier for you to test the payment process before live deployment.

  4. Mada validation: Whenever your customers try to pay with Mada cards (within KSA) that are not configured in your profile, they will be alerted to use a different card. You may also request your account manager to add the Mada payment method on your payment page.

To learn more, do visit our Support Portal. Please share questions or feedback directly on the Community or reach out to us at [email protected].


Thank you for choosing PayTabs as your trusted payment gateway and we look forward to being of continued service.


Be well.

PayTabs Team

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