SADAD is a payment system to present and pay bills online to facilitate and accelerate the payment of bills to individuals, banks, companies, and the government sector.

In this article, you will learn about the:

Supported Regions

SADAD can be activated for Merchants with Saudi business licenses and with PayTabs Live accounts.  

Activation process

  1. Register through the Self Onboarding Link and click on "Request to open an account"
  2. fill in the application form and submit
  3. The Sadad team will contact you to start the process, and they will provide you with Sadad credentials to start the activation.  
  4. To follow up with our team, fill out the table and send it to ([email protected]

    PT MID:
    Merchant Trade |legal name:
    Commercial registration NO:
    Contact name:
    Phone NO:


For further support, kindly contact the IFS team. 

SADAD Payment Workflow (User Experience)

SADAD payment method is hosted by PayTabs, which means that it will be managed and processed on our side. You can have the same page embedded in your checkout page by following our How not to redirect my customers to an external payment page. (iFrame/Embedded Mode).

Using the SADAD payment method (via one of our integration methods listed in our How to integrate with PayTabs? solution article, when the cardholder proceeds to checkout on the merchant side, they will be redirected to the PayTabs hosted payment page to provide his phone number to complete the payment as shown below:

After the customer enters his phone number he will be redirected to a page where he can find the SADAD  Number Code and he can pay with that Number code from the bank app or you can visit Sadadd Link to check out the payment options here and then press the continue button to return to the merchant's website/application.

The continue button will not show up to the customer if you didn't put a Return URL for this button.

The Settlement Flow

You can request a payout by following the article below, and it'll be subject to the minimum payout added by the risk team verification through your onboarding process to request a payout follow our solution article How to Initiate Payout?


Refunds for SADAD transactions are not supported via PayTabs. For any further help regarding refunds , please reach SADAD Team directly.