In This article, you will be going to know about:
  • Payout options
  • How to initiate payout

Payout options:

Merchant dashboard has two payout options:

(1) Automatic payout: Runs automatically every Monday or as scheduled

(2) Manual payout: Merchant will initiates the payout request via the dashboard.

Payments are received in merchant bank account within 24-48 hrs, post payout 

Payout schedule can be changed from the dashboard directly. check "How to change the payout schedule" 

How to initiate payout:

To initiate payout, please follow the below steps: 
  1. Log in to your merchant dashboard
  2. Click on "Accounts" Panel
  3. Click "Request Payout" button
  4. Get paid within 24 up to 48 hrs.

minimum payout threshold is 300$.Payout will be deferred if the closing balance is less than 300$

When payout is initiated, all the available (closing) balance will be settled. 

PSP merchants are settled by the partnerd bank. Therefor, "Account Panel" will not be accessible. 

Aggregated merchants can access 'Merchant Statement' linked to a payout by clicking on the payout link. 

 The 'Merchant Statement' includes all transactions, applicable fees and taxes linked to a specific payout 

Also, payout report can be exported from "Accounts Panel". Check " How to export payout report"