A cardholder sometimes is re-directed to this HTTP Status - Error 400 at MasterCard in two cases:

Case 1:

Invalid MPGS MID Processor credentials, in case any of the following parameters has wrong data:

  • Access Code
  • Secure Hash
  • MIGS Merchant ID
  • Operator User ID
  • Operator Password

This will lead to all merchant transactions under this processor MID being rejected

Case 2:

Some transactions are being rejected and receiving this error after entering card data

The transaction has been successfully processed from PayTabs side for the AUTHENTICATION formalities, however, PayTabs hasn't received any response from MIGS. 

If customers/cardholders facing difficulties with the payments, it may be due to:

  • 3D Secure authentication failure or a 3D Secure error.

3D Secure is a layer of security that your bank requires where you'll have to enter a password or SMS code to authorize payment. Sometimes there are problems with 3D Secure that can cause debit and credit card payments to fail.  Or


  • The cardholder currently has a pop-up blocker installed which is restricting the additional 3D Secure page from opening. Suggest disabling the pop-up blocker for a few minutes and then you will be able to complete your payment.
  • The cardholder’s bank is currently not enrolled in the 3D Secure verification program. This isn't an issue. Just request the cardholder to contact his/her bank or find an option “by clicking here” on the 3DS page for the further card enrollment process.
  • Suggest for the cardholder to double-check that the correct information has been entered in the 3D-Secure screen.   
  • Suggest for the cardholder not to re-load browser or press back on their browser and trying again due to lags/delayed page loading times