Although the shipping address is not mandatory sometimes, the billing address on the other hand is a mandatory field that we cannot remove because it's required in accordance with the local rules and regulations. So It's mandatory to collect this information because these details are used as part of the bank's anti-fraud screening.

As a merchant, you must ensure that the genuine customer address is provided, and not just pre-set values as that could result in higher declines and transactions to fail due to anti-fraud screening.

However, you can according to your integration method to hide the billing information in the PayPage once it's already passed with valid information.

The customer details are still required and must be passed, in case any of the details are missing or passed with invalid values; the hide_shipping option will be ignored and cardholder will be required to enter any of the missing details on the payment page

Want to activate this option cause of the mandatoriness of the zip/postal code? there has been an update to the payment pages to have the zip/postal code as optional if the billing country or shipping country is KSA, Egypt, Jordan, or Bahrain.

In this article, you will be going to know how to do this via:

In the case when you have digital products among your provided services to the customers, and you don’t require shipping details from your customers, PayTabs provides you with the Digital Payment Products, which is a new feature for merchants to configure a payment page to collect name and email address only. Billing and shipping information is not requested. 

This mode is targeted for donations and similar digital products that do not have or require billing/shipping information. all you need to do to hide the shipping address is to contact us at ([email protected]) to activate the digital product mode for you. Only then you will have a "Digital Products Mode" option on your PayPage Settings under the Developers menu which will enable you to do this.


API Endpoints

To hide both billing and shipping details, you will need to (at least) pass the full valid customer details in addition to passing the following parameter “hide_shipping”: true in your request payload, which will make the shipping details optional and will not be displayed on the PayPage. For more information and code example you may like to click here.

eCommerce Plugins

In case you want to not force the customers to reenter both billing and shipping information all over again after providing them already on your website checkout page, you may like to enable the hide shipping option from the plugin configuration page. To know whether your desired plugin supports this option or not and how to enable it, please check your plugin name from here, and navigate to the "Hide Shipping" section under the "What are Paytabs plugin configuration options?".

If there's not such title under the "What are Paytabs plugin configuration options?", then this option is not supported yet in this plugin.

Mobile SDKs

By default, the billing and shipping info section is hidden in all PayTabs provided SDKs. Set its flag to true to let the SDK internally handle the missing billing & shipping info. To know how to manipulate this option, please check your plugin name from here.