Every account has a test profile by default that is automatically created at the time of registration. Once the account is activated, a live profile is created.

to know more about this, please check our What is Test Profile vs Live Profile?  solution article

Your merchant account can have many live/test profiles or a group of profiles.

From the profile menu, you can switch between your profiles (you can do the same from the dashboard home screen as well)


After clicking on the branch at the top of the page, you will then have to choose the profile ID to switch to the desired profile 

Also from the same profile menu, you can view the current logged profile information as shown below:

  1. Profile Id
    Which is the id of the selected profile, this is required in the integration methods.

  2. Name
    The name of the selected logged profile.

  3. Merchant ID
    The account number. The merchant account contains as we previously clarified multiple profiles.

  4. Merchant Name
    The name of your merchant account, which appears on the payment page according to your configuration/customization for the payment page.

  5. Website:
    The website URL is registered in your PayTabs account.

  6. Customer Contact Email
    The main email address registered with PayTabs, where you will receive PayTabs updates and notifications at.

  7. Customer Contact phone
    The main contact number is registered with PayTabs.

  8. Mode
    This icon shows the profile mode (TEST or LIVE).

  9. Created
    This is the Date and Time of profile creation.

  10. Predefined Invoice Product
    This allows you to save a predefined product SKU & description of a particular product that will be available in invoice creation to make it easier for you to create an invoice. To activate it, click on the edit pencil icon then enter the product SKU you want then click save as shown below:

    Then whenever you create a new invoice, you will be able to choose from the predefined products you already defined.

  11. Custom invoice label
    This is an option that allows you to make customer Reference, Invoice Reference, and Expiration Date mandatory to be filled or not based on your business needs. Also, you can change the name of these labels.

  12.  Email configuration
    This shows if you are using your own SendGrid account in sending transactions' receipts and invoices. If it's showing "No", this means that your invoices are sent to your customers with PayTabs SendGrid with ([email protected]). For more details about SendGrid configuration, please visit: How to integrate my Paytabs account with my SendGrid account?