If you need to make either a partial or full refund to one of your clients for any of your existing payments, you can perform such an action directly via the Paymes Social Commerce dashboard. In this article you will get to learn how.

Refund Conditions:

You can refund a transaction when:

  • You have enough funds in your Paymes dashboard that covers the refund amount (as an available balance)
  • Refunds will be available for orders up to 3 months from the date of charge. 
  • Refunds panel allows to refund an order either in full or partial.

How to initiate a refund ?

  1. Open Your Paymes Account > Refunds Tab > then you will have 2 options:
    Either to Make a refund or view Previous refunds on Refund List .

  2. You'll find the list of your recent transactions , so choose the related transaction , then click on the sign as shown below to initiate the refund.

  3. A message will appear so you can choose if you will make a partial or full refund.

  4. Then submit your refund request .

Refunds History :

You can access your refunds history via Refunds Tab > Refund List .

Please note that the refund action cannot be reversed .