PayTabs SDK makes the integration with the PayTabs payment gateway very easy by providing a ready-made payment screen that handles the card entry, and billing & shipping information and completes the missing details.

This article is dedicated to walking you through how to manage the theme in this SDK to be more fit and customized to suit your business needs.

To manage the theme kindly use these parameters as clarified in the below guide image to customize the colors, font, and logo by configuring the theme and pass it to the payment configuration as shown below:

UI guide

And here is how you can manage this programmatically in the SDK:

let theme = PaymentSDKTheme.default
theme.logoImage = UIImage(named: "Logo") //Change merchant logo.
theme.backgroundColor = .blue
theme.buttonFontColor = .red
configuration.theme = theme

You can find the list of all PaymentSDKTheme.default object attributes that you can adjust to suit your business design as listed below:

  1. logoImage
  2. secondaryColor
  3. secondaryFontColor
  4. secondaryFont
  5. primaryColor
  6. primaryFontColor
  7. primaryFont
  8. buttonColor
  9. buttonFontColor
  10. buttonFont
  11. titleFontColor
  12. titleFont
  13. backgroundColor
  14. placeholderColor
  15. strokeColor
  16. strokeThincknes
  17. inputsCornerRadius
  18. backButtonColor

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