You may be asked for the region, business country, or what is the endpoint base URL you are using in several situations such as opening a ticket. In this article, we will guide you on how to get this information, and how it could be used.

You may also be asked for your merchant account id or profile id, to know more about this please check our How to get your account information from PT2 Dashboard? solution article.

What is my Region? 

As Paytabs provides a set of instances each of which is serving a specific country/region. You may need to understand which region's instance you are using. So from your merchant dashboard URL you can figure this out as shown below:


What is the endpoint base URL to be used?

You will need this infromation only if you are interating your system with PayTabs via our PT2 API Endpoints.

The API endpoint URL is a point at which an API (the method of how your system and Paytabs communicate with each other) connects with the software program. APIs work by sending requests for information from Paytabs servers and receiving a response. Each API endpoint base URI is used to differentiate your merchant account instance.

You can know yours by either switching the "merchant" syllable in your merchant dashboard domain to "secure" such as ( => 

Or you can know this directly from your merchant dashboard by navigating to Dashboard > Developers > Getting Started > Transaction API

It is worth mentioning that not using the proper endpoint URI (base URL) will lead to authentication issues within your responses