If you are confused between PayLinks and Invoices, this article assists you in understanding the differences and choosing which option is more suitable for your business needs.  

In this article, you will get to learn more about:

A simple and easy way to receive payments from your customers directly with less hassle, fewer details of your product/ service, and doesn't get expire. Also, you can reuse the same PayLink as much as you need without creating a new PayLink for the same product each time and with no need to have a website without any integration.


A more elaborate way to receive payments is you put the details of your products, quantity ... etc. Invoices are also customizable and available in different methods to match your business needs, and you can issue hundreds of invoices simultaneously.

A comparison between PayLinks and Invoices

Please check the below comparison to understand more about the differences between Invoices and PayLinks, including the URL for the detailed article for each type.

IntegrationDoesn't support IntegrationsIntegration available via Invoice API
Expiry date
 Doesn't expire
Have Expiry & activation date/time (Optional) 
ReusableYes Reusable only for the "Template" invoices.
All other invoice types are for a single use and expire once it's paid. 
Supports Donation modeYesNo
How to find the related transactions
Search via the "Transaction" tab viaVia the "Invoices" tab directly. 
Must include full product details NoYes
Can add multiple itemsNoYes
Support discounts YesYes
Can create multiple invoices at one time
Can be canceled
PayLinks cannot be deleted but you can Disable the PayLink by accessing the PayLink and disable this button "Enable PayLink"

Can be canceled only if it has not been paid yet
Can apply discounts
Can apply Card filters
Can apply Payment method filter
How to share the payment link
Click on the PayLink and copy the link as shown below or via the shown share buttons
Do not copy the link from the payment page directly as it will show as expired.
Open the created invoice and share the copy of the URL mentioned beside Link tab or via any of the other sharing options buttons
Detailed solution article
How to manage PayLinks on the PayTabs Dashboard?
How do you manage Invoices on the PayTabs Dashboard?

How do you find existing transactions for each type?

For Invoices

You can find the transaction status (Paid, canceled, expired .etc.) via the Invoices tab directly.
If the transaction is Paid: you will find the transaction next to it as shown below.

You can find all transactions received via a specific PayLink via Transactions > Search > then paste the PayLink ID in the cart ID field.

Example: Search by " PayLink#466815"

If you have changed the Cart ID while creating the PayLink, you have to search using the same title you used instead of the PayLink.