Paytabs provides you with a collection of API endpoints which used to process all payments, regardless of if they are through either your own payment pages, the managed payment pages, or if you are using the hosted payment pages. 

Managed Form integration type is suitable for merchants with SAQ A-EP level. To know more about the Hosted Payment Page PCI DSS merchant requirements, please check this article.

In this article, we will wake you through the payment workflow for the PayTabs Managed Form. 

  1. Your website will display its own card entry form. However, key fields will be managed by the PayTabs gateway. You will need to include a script that replaces the sensitive card data with a payment token.
  2. When the form is submitted, the paylib.js script file will first send the card details to the PayTabs server for storage and to create a temporary payment token. Then this token is inserted into the form data before it is submitted to your server. 
  3. After receiving the token payment details from your payment page, you must send a payment request using the transaction API. You will need to include the token details you have within the payment request itself.

Your server will not receive the sensitive card details, these will be removed from the form.

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