Paytabs provides you with a collection of API endpoints which used to process all payments, regardless of if they are through either your own payment pages, the managed payment pages, or if you are using the hosted payment pages. 

This article is dedicated to walking you through how to handle the direct payment response sent from PayTabs after the payment. Handling the response right will empower you to make sure to handle the user experience according to the payment status as well as and updating the order status in your database. It is worth mentioning that after payment, there are three types of responses you can expect:

  • The response on the return page (clarified in this step)
  • The callback (clarified in the next step)
  • The IPN (clarified in the next step)

Below is the expected behavior of the above-mentioned responses while using the Managed Form integration type, as shown below:



Managed Form


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The Flow

Regarding the above-mentioned Managed Form workflow, there are two cases:

1. The card is 3DS supported 

2. The card is NOT 3DS supported


3DS Supported Case

  NOT 3DS supported Case

The customer/cardholder will be redirected to the issuer 3DSecure page to authenticate the card. After the payment and ONLY if the return parameter has been set, the customer will be redirected to the return URL along with an HTTP POST response to the same URL with the brief transaction information.

 To know more please check our The Return URL Response solution article.

You will instantly receive the response.

To know more please check our The Return URL Response solution article.


  • The return parameter MUST be set.
  • The return URL MUST be HTTPS.

No requirements

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