PayTabs plugins make the integration with the PayTabs payment gateway very easy by providing a ready-made and easy-to-install plugin that enables you to be ready and go with a few steps to get you up and running with your business. 

In this article, we will walk you through the default order workflow in OpenCart as it's not only considered an important step for you to maintain your knowledge about the OpenCart platform but also because the Paytabs plugin for OpenCart is adopting this default Order workflow which will affect the behavior of your website/store (such as order creation, carts, sent notifications/emails, ... and so).

In this article, you will be going to know about:

OpenCart Order Workflow

As mentioned on OpenCart's official site, when a customer goes through checkout, the information on their order is automatically transferred to the Orders section for you to keep track of. which will initially have a status of “Pending”. After payment is confirmed, you can update the Order history.

Manage the Default Order statuses

To manage the Order default status among the order lifecycle from your admin panel, kindly navigate to the settings menu > System > edit the store > then click the Options tab. Only then you can navigate to the checkout section, where you can find the following order status cases to manage as clarified below:

Status NamePurpose

Order Status

To define the default order status when an order is initiated.
Processing Order Status
Define the order status while it's processing for the shipping and billing processes (recommended to be pending)
Complete Order Status
Define the order status after it has been processed completely. (recommended to be complete)
Fraud Order Status
Define the order status when the payment is suspected or marked as a fraud attempt.

OpenCart Order Statuses

As mentioned on OpenCart's official site regarding the order statuses, all orders have an order status that is associated with a stage in the order processing workflow. The status of each order is shown in the Status column of the Orders grid. Your store has a set of predefined order status and order state settings, as shown below:

  • Pending

  • Processing

  • Complete

  • Canceled

  • Canceled Reversal

  • Chargeback

  • Expired

  • Failed

  • Processed

  • Refunded

  • Reversed

  • Shipped

  • Voided

  • Denied

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