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This article is dedicated to walking you through what is CS-Cart eCommerce platform is and what the benefits of using it are. 

CS-Cart is an eCommerce open-source web-based software. CS-Cart is a powerful and flexible eCommerce shopping cart application. CS-Cart includes all the functionality you need to build a full-featured online store, including multi-store support that can be set up and maintained in a single administration panel.

Because CS-Cart is developed using open-source technologies, such as PHP, MySQL, and Smarty, its functionality can be easily updated and extended to meet your specific needs. The CS-Cart storefront and administration panel are web-based, so all you need to manage your store is a web browser and an internet connection.

CS-Cart is also available with a Multi-Vendor option. Multi-Vendor is an enhanced eCommerce platform that supports multiple independent sellers in an online marketplace.

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