The PayTabs and Tabby collaboration will allow online businesses in UAE and Saudi Arabia to offer more flexibility and choice to customers. Tabby already has a split payment solution in place that allows shoppers to enjoy a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) model. Customers can divide the entire bill into four components and pay them off one by one over a comfortable period of time. So, when merchants who are already using PayTabs get started with Tabby, the latter will show up as one of the payment options when it’s time for a shopper to check out.

In this article, you will learn about the following:

Supported Regions

Tabby is available via PayTabs in "KSA" and "UAE"

Supported Currency 

Tabby supports only the local currency of the related account :

  • SAR for KSA
  •  AED for UAE

How to Enable Tabby in My Merchant Dashboard? 


To enable Tabby for customers on your checkout page, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Send an email request with your Profile ID and registered country to  PayTabs Sales team  or your dedicated PayTabs coordinator
  2. Your request will be referred to Tabby for Merchant assessment and the "Tabby" team will reach out to you for Merchant pricing and contract signing.
  3. Once approved by Tabby, PayTabs will enable Tabby on your checkout page and you may start accepting Tabby payments from your customers.

NOTE: Test Terminal Option is not supported. 

Workflow and User Experience: 

Existing Tabby Consumer: 

Step 1: Select Tabby as a payment method and enter the billing info


Step 2: Enter Mobile number and OTP:

Step 3: Enter Card details and proceed to pay the first payment.

Example:Transaction reference: TST2330000802181


Tabby New Consumer: 

Step 1: Select Tabby as a payment method and enter billing info.

Step 2: Enter Mobile number and OTP.

Step 3: Upload front and back photos of National ID.

Step 4: Confirm details.

Step 5: Enter Card details and proceed to pay the first payment.

Below is a test transaction after completion:

Here is how the transaction will show in your PayTabs dashboard.

The Settlement Flow


Please note that settlements will be done from Tabby directly.

The Refund Process Flow


Will be enabled by Tabby.