The two-factor authentication is applicable on merchant and reseller web application and mobile application. Merchant needs to follow the same steps mentioned below to enable two-factor authentication on web and mobile application. Note that, "Two-factor authentication" will be mandatory as of August 14, 2024. If Two-factor authentication is not enabled by 14 August 2024, when logging in to your account you will be prompted to set up “Two-factor authentication", prior to logging in 

In the below steps you will get to know how to Enable or Disable the 2FA option:

Enable the "Two Factor Authentication"

1-First you need to download the "Google Authenticator" or "Microsoft Authenticator” App so you can scan the QR code as we will explain in the next steps (which can be downloaded directly via the App Store or Play Store).

You can get any of the Applications by downloading them to your phone via these links:

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2. Log in to your PayTabs merchant's Dashboard which corresponds to your market:









Or if you are a Reseller, log in to your PayTabs Reseller dashboard by selecting the option which corresponds to your market 

3. Navigate to the "Login Details " section from the icon shown on the top-right side of the homepage.

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4. Enable the "Two Factor Authentication" button.

5- Click on “Two Factor Authentication” and you’ll receive a QR code that you can scan using “Google Authenticator” or "Microsoft Authenticator” which will generate an OTP for you.

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If you are using " Google Authenticator":

  1. Access " Google Authenticator" App. via your phone:

  2. Then click on "Add a code" or access the "+" sign directly and select "Scan a QR code) and then scan the QR code that appears on your PayTabs account. 

  3. Once you scan the QR code, an OTP will appear that you can use and add to the PayTabs login Page

Important note: each OTP is valid only for few seconds, so make sure to enter the same OTP that still appears on the App to avoid entering a wrong/ invalid OTP.



If you are using "Microsoft Authenticator”:

  1. Open Microsoft Authenticator, click on the "+" sign to add a new account.

  2. Then select "Personal account" and choose "Scan QR code"

6- Enter the OTP that appears on the "Google Authenticator App" /"Microsoft Authenticator” on this page and then click "Confirm".

Upon completing these instructions, you will be prompted to enter an OTP each time you access your account which means that you will use the Authenticator App each time to login it to your PayTabs account.

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Disable "Two Factor Authentication"

You can disable this option by clicking on the enabled "Two Factor Authentication" button and then it will request you to enter the OTP. 

Remember: As of August 14, 2024, "Two-factor authentication" will be mandatory and cannot be disabled. 

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Once you add the correct OTP, you will get a success message that the Two Factor Authentication Disabled Successfully.

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