To avoid suspension, please ensure that you maintain a balance larger than USD50, SAR 188 or AED 184 at all times. You can always deposit into your PayTabs account via a bank transfer or through a payment invoice link that you can request from [email protected].


Kindly note that your account will be reactivated within one working day from the time a deposit is credited to your account.

The timeline used works as follows:

  1. If a merchant's available balance on the Start-up or Growth Plan falls below USD100 at the beginning of the month (prior to the application of the fixed fee for Start-up Merchants) the merchant will receive a notification that their account is at risk of suspension and funds need to be added to their account.
  2. If a Merchant’s balance drops below USD50 their account will be suspended until additional funds are added to their account, increasing their balance to USD100 or more.

Only available withdrawable balance counts towards the minimum balance

To clarify further, please find the following example.

If on Startup Plan: PayTabs minimum charges are deducted in advance at the beginning of the month.
  • 30 Jan: Merchant balance is $70.
  • 31 Jan: Merchant balance is $70-$49.99 = $20.01; deducting the fees for Feb 2021 in advance is successful.
  • 1 Feb: Merchant account continues to trade.
If on Growth Plan: PT charges are deducted at the end of the month.
  • 30 Jan: My balance is $70.
  • 31 Jan: My balance is $70-$50 = $20; deducted for Jan 2021
  • 1 Feb: Merchant account is suspended due to insufficient funds.

Please note that while your account is suspended, you will not charged any fees.

For Growth Plan merchants, transactions fees are applied in real-time, as the transactions are process, however the minimum monthly balance is calculated at the end of the month.