In this article, you will learn how to receive payouts and settlements through your Paymes account.

How can I receive my Payouts\settlements?

-Your payouts will be sent to you automatically by Paymes team based on the Payout schedule settings on your account,  no action is needed from your side  

Noting that the default Payout schedule for all merchants is every Thursday

-Payouts shall be only released if met the minimum withdrawal balance ( 50 USD ) and to be transacting at least for 1 week for the newly onboarded accounts.

What is the Hold Period?

-All transactions are subject to a hold period, once the hold period is finished, the amount will be released to the available balance, noting that the hold period differs from one country to another :

-Egypt & KSA: 2 days
-UAE: 4 days

Is there a manual Payout option?

No, the only available payout option for now is the automatic Payouts.

What can I do if I don't receive my payout/settlement?

If you didn't receive your payouts, make sure to check:

-If your available balance is equal to or more than 50 USD (or the equivalent amount in your local currency)
-Your transactions passed the Hold period or not
-Your account has been already activated ( for newly onboarded merchants)

-If you checked all the above and you think your account is meeting all the above requirements to receive the payouts, then check with the customer care team via: [email protected]