Via the "Orders" Tab on your Paymes Social Commerce account, you can find your existing transaction history & take action on any transaction, download receipts or extract transaction reports.

In this article you will learn how to :

Find existing transactions
-Go to the "Orders" tab on your Paymes dashboard.

  • You will find a list of your recent orders by the Name & Phone number of the customer or product name,date , Status ..etc.

  • You can Filter by :
    • Date/period
    • Successful /cancelled  or Failed Transactions
    • Search by name, product name ....etc.

Take action on an existing order 

From "Orders" Tab, you can take action on your existing orders, such as download receipt,Refund a successful transaction or edit the order's shipping details.

-Learn more about downloading an order receipt from here: How to get an order "Receipt"
-Learn how to refund a successful transaction here: Refunds

Download Transactions report :

You can Download a Transactions report by clicking on Download as Excel