You can indeed control what payment methods could appear to your customer in your checkout or the PayTabs' PayPage via several ways according to your integration method. 

In this article you will be going to know how to control that via:

Merchant's Dashboard

You can enable and disable wherever payment method you want by contacting the "[email protected]" asking to enable/disable a specific payment method, which will allow you to control the payment methods available to your customers in PayTabs's PayPage. However, you should know that is not the preferable way to perform it if you will frequently change enabling those payment methods a lot, due to the process takes some time to handle.

eCommerce Plugins

In some of our provided plugins, there's are an enable option in the configuration page that allows you to whether enable a specific payment method or not, according to the configured payment methods indeed in your PayTabs account. So, make sure you are changing the correct one based on your PayTabs account.

To know whether the eCommerce plugin you are using is supporting this option or not, you can check all the configuration parameters section or the activating one in the following solution articles category "eCommerce Systems Plugins" 

Example from the WooCommerce plugin.

PT2 API Endpoints

You definitely can choose which payment methods should appear to the customers while creating your PayPage (whether hosted payment page or even managed/own form one), you are able to do this by passing an array of the only payment methods that you want to display, or just display them all.

'payment_methods': [

 or simply 

'payment_methods': [

You can also easily remove this parameter completely and the PayTabs' PayPage will just be generated with all the enabled payments methods in your PayTabs account.

And here's the list of all available payments. Supported with Paytabs.

  • "creditcard"
  • "amex"
  • "mada"
  • "urpay"
  • "unionpay"
  • "stcpay",
  • "valu"
  • "fawry"
  • "aman"
  • "meezaqr"
  • "omannet"
  • "knet"
  • "knetdebit"
  • "knetcredit
  • "applepay"
  • "samsungpay"

To use (enable/disable) any payment method from the above-mentioned list, it should be enabled on your account first.

To enable any of them, just contact the "customer [email protected]" mentioning the specific methods you want to add/enable.

Mobile SDKs

In our provided mobile SDKs, there's are an option for you that allows you to create the PayPage with specific payment methods according to the configured payment methods indeed in your PayTabs account.

To know how to perform that in the SDK you are using, kindly check the "Usage" section or the "Alternative Payment Methods" under the "Enums" section in the following solution articles category "Mobile SDKs"