Apple Pay refers to a mobile contact payment system and digital wallet service offered by Apple. The service allows users to pay for products and services using near-field communication (NFC) at the point of sale whether in person via IOS apps or remotely over the internet. 

Apple Pay is one of the world’s most popular and known online payment platforms. 

In this article, you will learn about:

A video Tutorial

For an easy tutorial, you can watch this video or read the detailed article below:


Apple Pay only works with the Safari browser

Supported Regions

Apple Pay can be enabled for merchants in KSA, UAE, and Jordan

How to activate Apple Pay?

To activate Apple Pay,  please send an email to the customer care team ( [email protected] ) along with your merchant ID and registered country. 

What are the features that Apple Pay supports?

Using Apple Pay, you can easily perform "Sale",  "Refund", "Auth/Cap" and Recurring transactions.

Currencies Supported



Jordan: JOD

Check "What's transaction Type" article for further details 

Apple Pay Payment Workflow

Using Apple Pay method, when the customer proceeds to the checkout page and chooses Apple Pay as a payment method, the Apple Pay wallet will show as a popup window to choose the card inside the wallet and complete the payment. 

The Refund Process

Apple Pay transactions can be refunded directly from the PayTabs dashboard by clicking on the transaction ID, and then click on the refund button as shown below


Apple Pay Settlement Flow

  • If your account is activated directly with the bank, then Apple Pay transactions will be settled directly to your bank account
  • If your account is activated as an aggregation model with PayTabs, then Apple Pay transactions will be settled among the other transactions when the available balance is USD 300 or more or equivalent to your local currency.