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What are Test and Live profiles?

Once you sign up for a PayTabs merchant account. The initial setup is a Test profile, which is automatically created once you register. This allows for testing how the integration is working and getting familiar with the operation of the system, which happens in parallel with completing and submitting your application and then being processed to activate the account.

Test profiles, can accept Test Cards only.

Once your onboarding process has been done and approved, a Live profile is created for you. Only then, you can switch between the Test and Live profiles at any time, both at the merchant dashboard level (as below) and within the integration of the system. 

The Test profile will always remain active, allowing you to do any additional integration work or testing you may want at any time without affecting your live processing. All transactions are segregated at the profile level.

A Test profile can not be converted to a Live profile and vice versa, a new profile will be created with a new ID upon request.

How to differentiate and switch between Test and Live profiles?

To differentiate between your Test and Live profile, you can see a label next to your profile highlighting the type of your profile

To switch between your Test and Live profiles, you can click on the branch icon on the top right corner of the screen, as highlighted in the below screenshot.

If you can not see this branch button, then this is because you don't have any permission to any other profile. In this case please contact your account owner to give you access to the required profiles.

If you are the owner and still can not see this button, it's most probably that you removed the access from your account by mistake. Your access should look like as below (Teams -> (Edit Selected User) > Profile option).
In this case, please contact ([email protected]) to retrieve it back to you.